Confirmed speakers:




Karen Alim (MPI Göttingen)

 Synthetic biology, bioinformatics, and modeling

Mechanical forces shaping morphology

Isabel Bäurle (U Potsdam)

 Small RNAs and epigenetics

Chromatin regulation of heat stress memory in plants

George Coupland (MPI Cologne)

 Reproduction I: flowering induction and flower development

Integration of regulatory pathways controlling floral transition at the shoot

Thomas Dresselhaus (U Regensburg)

 Reproduction II: gametophytes and fertilization

Fertilization mechanisms: a comparison of eudicots and grasses

Jose Gutierrez-Marcos (U Warwick)

 Embryogenesis and seed development

Stess memory in plants is underpinned by epigenomic changes

Simona Masiero (U Milan)

 Hormonal control of development

A fruittalk

Moritz Nowack (U Ghent)

 Cell death and senescence

Meeting the deadline: the molecular regulation of programmed cell death during plant development

Ben Scheres (U Wageningen)

 Vegetative development I: root

An explanation of early embryo cell division planes based on microtuble dynamics

Rüdiger Simon (U Düsseldorf)

 Vegetative development II: shoot

Dynamics od stem cell signalling pathways in plants

Miltos Tsiantis (MPI Cologne)

Evolutionary development

The genetic basis for diversification of leaf form: from understanding to reconstruction

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