Confirmed speakers 2018:




Angela Hay, MPIPZ Cologne, DE Evolutionary Development Explosive seed dispersal
Arp Schnittger, University Hamburg, DE Reproductive Development I The cell biology of genetics
Stefanie Sprunck, Univeristy Regensburg, DE Reproductive Development II Gamete activation and fusion in flowering plants
 Stefan Schwarz, KWS Saat AG, Einbeck, DE Career Developement  Career Development @ KWS
Matyáš Fendrych, Charles University Prague, CZ Root Growth & Differentiation  Root growth inhibition by auxin - rapid and reversible branch of TIR1/AFB auxin signaling
Kerstin Kaufmann, Humboldt University Berlin, DE Shoot & Flower Development  Epigenetic control of gene activation in Arabidopsis flower development
Ana Caño-Delgado, CRAG Barcelona, SP Hormones in Plant Development Renew or die: Brasinosteroid signaling in stem cell development
Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso, University Leeds, UK Intercellular Communication Towards understanding the role of callose and cell walls in the regulation of plasmodesmata and developmental signaling
James Locke, SLCU, UK Systems Biology & Modeling  The plant circadian clock at the single cell level
Alex Costa, University Milan, IT Signalling & Live Cell Imaging Light sheet fluorescence microscopy for visualization of calcium dynamics in root and root hair cells of Arabidopsis thaliana
Thomas Jacobs, VIB  Ghent, BE Genome Editing in Plant Systems In the beginning... there was Cas9