Confirmed speakers 2019




Edwige Moyroud, SLCU Cambridge GB Evolution of development Painting by numbers: Understanding the mechanisms of petal patterning
Ari Pekka Mähönen, Univeristy of Helsinki FI Vascular development Position and regulation of stem cells in vascular cambium
Michael Hothorn, University of Geneva CH Plant signalling I Mechanistic insights into small molecule and peptide hormone perception by plant membrane receptor kinases
Stefan Schwarz, KWS Saat AG, Einbeck, DE Career development and industry Seeding the future with KWS: Career opportunities at a leading plant breeding company
Naomi Nakayama, Edinburgh University GB Seed dispersal Informed dispersal? Environmental responses of seeds, fruits, and diaspores
Arun Sampathkumar, MPI Golm DE Plant mechanics Mechanical forces in the regulation of cell and tissue level morphogenesis in plants
Sabrina Sabatini, Sapienza University of Rome IT Meristem development The dynamics of root growth
Niko Geldner, University of Lausanne CH Root development The SCHENGEN pathway: How plants ensure functionality of their protective barriers
Marie-Cécile Caillaud, ENS Lyon FR Plant signalling II Membrane Lipid and Cytoskeleton Interplay at the Cortex of Dividing Plant Cell
Cristina Ferrandiz, University of Valencia ES Flowering and fruits A stylish story of carpel evolution
Alexis Maizel, University of Heidelberg DE Lateral root development Lateral root morphogenesis in Arabidopsis: from metabolism to cytoskeleton