As the 2019 organizing team we are excited to continue this meeting series and invite you to the 12th International PhD School on PLANT DEVELOPMENT! The meeting will cover a range of topics important for plant development and the career development of young scientists:

  • Root development
  • Cell biology
  • Mechanics and morphogenesis
  • Evolution of development
  • Plant cell signaling
  • Secondary growth
  • Flowering
  • Career development and industry

The meeting will take place October 2-4, 2019, in Retzbach (Benediktushöhe), close to Würzburg in Germany. The meeting is open to anyone who is interested, but aimed at PhD students and early career scientists in the first two to three years after their PhD. Attendance is restricted to 60 participants. The organizers reserve the right to select participants based on the submitted abstracts if the meeting is over-subscribed.

The International PhD School consists of 10 thematic sessions that are each introduced by an internationally renowned plenary speaker. Additionally, two PhD students or early career scientists will present their research data in each of these sessions. All sessions will be chaired by PhD students or early career scientists. It will be their responsibility to initiate fruitful discussions and guide constructive conversations. Two poster sessions will provide extra time and informal opportunities for scientific discussions.

We have tried to keep the costs for the meeting at a minimum and acquired additional sponsorship. The meeting will cost €199 per person, including boarding and lodging as well as a wine tasting and dinner at a historical wine cellar in Würzburg.

After registration you'll receive a confirmation and a bank account number to pay the attendance fee.

The organizers will ensure that this PhD school will be both scientifically rewarding as well as socially enjoyable, and might be a starting place for future meetings and collaborations. We look forward to seeing you in Retzbach in October 2019!

Angela Hay, Arp Schnittger and Moritz Nowack